This page contains a selection of links which I consider useful.

Sueddeutsche Zeitung
daily newspaper, extracts from the print issue as well as current articles
Spiegel Online
news magazine, extracts from the print issue as well as current articles
The Jakarta Post
Indonesian daily newspaper published in English with independent and critical news coverage
Indonesia's largest daily newspaper, portal with current articles
German-English Dictionary at TU Chemnitz
extensive German-English Dictionary
Kamus Jot
German-Indonesian Dictionary
heise online
news ticker of the Heise publishing house, up to date infromation from the IT-world
magazine of netculture, online-magazine published by Heise Verlag
computer magazine, offers extracts from the print issue and extensive link collections among other things
news, rumors and comments from the IT-world, discussion forums
Procmail Documentation Project
detailed tutorial on procmail with many examples
SMTP AUTH in sendmail 8.10-8.12
short tutorial on how to use SMTP AUTH with sendmail
a good refernce manual for HTML and CSS
View HTTP Request and Response Header
displays HTTP-Header
Google Groups
newsgroup-archive, at the moment the largest public newsgroup-archive available
Carmen Berhörster
Carmen Berhörster is a psycological counselor and offers single and group workshops according to the Phyllis Krystal method. Her website provides information about the method as well as offers.
Berhörster Family
an overview of the Berhörster Family Websites